Wed 11:00 EDT
Froze "secret_pickle"

Fri 16:27 EDT
Added ABI to "smarter"

Fri 16:50 EDT
Waldo binwary was wrong. Fixed.
% md5sum waldo: 5b05903b188fafb92b3871fb246d7d09 waldo

Fri 17:00 EDT
Hotbox added ports 42070, 42071 if 69 is too slow. This is not a hint to brute the chall, pls no.

Fri 17:42 EDT
Deployed and tested new challenge: secret_pickle. Enjoy!

Fri 18:48 EDT
unlocked smokeme420

Fri 19:31 EDT
unlocked gambling and oracle

Fri 20:07 EDT
blazeme's files are available again. blazeme's challenge server (where you get the real flag) will be available saturday sometime.

Fri 23:16 EDT
challenge something_happening (sl0thcoin) released
challenges gambling and oracle modified to require completion of something_happening

Sat 00:49 EDT
reset something_happening - new contract address: 0x7722EA18f56A53063fd5d4bcF1d2bb828ccB3eDF

Fri 00:58 EDT
Added microblazemud. The DNS isn't working for at the moment so it is using an IP. I'll update it when the DNS works.

Fri 01:22 EDT, are good to go for DNS.

Fri 01:31 EDT
Fixed and re-enabled 'blazeme' kernel challenge!

Fri 04:00 EDT
R2-Dbag added hint: if nc 420 not work, try nc 420 -q 1.

Sat 15:35 EDT
hotbox difficulty lowered, try some payloads that didn't work before. second windows chall ETA 12hrs nvm, come back next year for that one

Sat 20:50 EDT
released shellcodeme_hard

Sat 20:50 EDT
updated gambling and oracle's description - it requires solving something_happening (not binary_tree)

Sun 01:45 EDT
blazeme The permissions of the flag have changed due to someone's prank. I have solved this. You may need to reauthenticate later. I will inform you again after discussion because other administrators have gone to sleep.

Sun 05:22 EDT
The blazeme solvers must re-authenticate with new flag.

Sun 05:30 EDT
shellcode_hard provided files updated to exactly match server

Sun 05:58 EDT
shellcode_hard and shelcodeme provided files got mixed up during update. now provided files fixed. sorry about that.

Sun 15:53 EDT
vectors challenge released.

Sun 23:35 EDT
stockbroken makes a web request. You can safely ignore this and blame Yahoo! Finance for removing the API it used. Sorry for the confusion.